Our impact

Empowering nonprofits to fulfill their missions

When nonprofits succeed, we all win

Cloud Content Management from Box aims to lift up nonprofits — and the world — for positive social impact that's felt by all of us. In fact, 96% of nonprofits surveyed say Box for nonprofits and our programs help them better fulfill their missions.

total good
Over $40M in Total good

Total Good includes philanthropy, employee giving, volunteering services, as well as product and other in-kind donations.

Non-profit organizations
Serving 10,000 nonprofits

We support the mission, income, and administrative efforts of nonprofits with discounted or donated Cloud Content Management.

Box employees
More than 75% of Boxers give back

 Box employees support the nonprofits they admire by sharing their skills, their time, and their dollars.

think of us

Having the information you need at the moment of need is so critical. Because of our multi-faceted partnership with Box, access to a copy of a youth's ID can mean access to shelter, submitting a job application, or enrolling in school for a youth we support.

- Sixto Cancel, Founder and CEO, Think of Us

Oxfam International

In the toughest situations, our staff need tech solutions that enable and empower them to do their life-changing and life-saving work. Our Box partnership has given our staff agility while making sure we can keep information highly secure so we respect the data and other rights of the people we help.

- Dianna Langley, Head of Digital Workplace, Oxfam International

Special Olympics Northern California

Our partnership with technology companies like Box is not just about the technology, but the people behind that tech. It’s the Boxers who share their knowledge and enthusiasm for our cause that move us closer to reaching our goals.

- Ilisa Kessler, COO, Special Olympics Northern California

IRC logo

Responding to humanitarian crises with agility


The International Rescue Committee helps people whose lives and livelihoods have been shattered by conflict and disaster. All global teams at IRC use Box to better execute the valuable work they do. Knowledge flow is optimized with help from pro-bono Box Consulting. And so far, the IRC has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars with the Box community.



Igniting the potential of under-served youth

BUILD uses the power of entrepreneurship and Cloud Content Management to help youth in under-resourced communities reach their full potential. Box volunteers and mentors, along with others from within the Box community, help expand the support base. BUILD receives unrestricted grant-funding from the Box.org Fund and Box executive contributions.


Changing the world with the power of technology


NetHope joins the world's largest nonprofits with technology innovators worldwide. They use Box to manage all staff and partner content. Box is also a founding funder of the Center for the Digital Nonprofit and has sponsored the NetHope Global Summit for the past five years. Thanks to the Box community, NetHope has experienced an expanded tech partner and supporter base.


TechSoup logo

Using technology for a more equitable planet


TechSoup has driven earned income by facilitating Box.org's donation program eligibility vetting since 2015. Box and TechSoup team up on educational endeavors for members and pursue extensive joint storytelling and mission-aligned projects. So far, TechSoup has raised $500K from Box and other supporters to fund the ICT4NGO nonprofit digital-assessment platform.


Teach for America logo

Strengthening the movement for educational equity


Teach For America finds outstanding leaders in the community and trains them to be teachers in low-income schools — and Box and Teach For America have teamed up to drive brand awareness. The organization receives unrestricted grant-funding from the Box.org Fund, and Box leaders have spoken at internal Teach For America IT summits and in presentations at key events like Gartner Summit.


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