How we work

Connecting communities for greater impact

Our model for maximum good

At, we work hard to mobilize resources across the social impact sector.

Box technology
Box technology

We donate and discount our content platform for nonprofits and ensure their success.


We enable Box employees to invest their skills and resources in causes they care about.

Box, Inc.
Box, Inc.

We address nonprofit challenges with our business practices and  brand presence.

The Fund
The Fund

We contribute financial resources to nonprofits in a scalable way.

"We're proud of how hard the Box community strives to enable nonprofits every day. Our goal is to drive even more positive social impact as we scale the company."

— Dylan Smith, Co-founder and CFO, Box


Technology that makes an impact

Delivering on your mission and generating support require a digital approach, and that's where Box can help. With donated or discounted access to Cloud Content Management, nonprofits get a single place to collaborate, manage, and secure all their content and simplify their processes. And by integrating seamlessly with the apps they already know and love, Box provides a single, secure content layer to empower staff and people outside the organization.

Giving back in the Box community

Through our programs, we aim to tap into the skills and passions of our entire Boxer community, whether that's pro-bono consulting, tutoring, hosting charitable events, or participating in service trips abroad. We also create local opportunities that make it easy to give back.'s global committee leaders provide programmatic support and enthusiasm for volunteering and donating, frequently establishing connections between our Boxers and the nonprofit community. 

A key part of the Box mission

Supporting nonprofits is built into everything we do at Box — from our business strategy to our brand influence efforts such as BoxWorks. It's also a huge part of our investments and our use of office and event space. In early 2018 we launched the Fund with Tides, and now, Box dedicates equity or cash to the Fund every quarter. Grants from the Fund are invested in nonprofits we trust and admire, nonprofit digital-capacity ecosystems, and organizations that facilitate capacity-building volunteerism within the Box community.

Innovative coalitions that amplify our efforts

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