Introducing the Box Impact Fund

Transforming child welfare and crisis response

$100K Box Impact Fund

We're excited to introduce the Box Impact Fund for 2021, where we'll be donating $100K in four $25K awards. The fund will support digital transformation projects in two key areas: child welfare and crisis response. The application process is open to any eligible nonprofit organization — check out the FAQs to see if you're eligible.

Driving digital transformation

As we work to power how the world works together, supporting digital transformation within the nonprofit space is core to our mission — and we’re excited for the chance to partner with you.

Your application for funding might include:

  • Moving from paper to cloud-based processes

  • Training and enablement programs to help employees use new technology

  • Funding for an IT administrator

  • A pilot project to test your idea before rolling it out at scale

Empowering child welfare

Think of Us, Angels Foster Family Network, CASA of San Mateo County: These are just a few of our customers doing amazing things in the child-welfare space. We want to amplify the impact by supporting digital transformation for nonprofits working in child welfare systems around the world.

Your application for funding might include:

  • Foster-care programming and services

  • Legal services supporting children and young people separated from their parents

  • Services for orphaned children and young people

Supporting crisis response

We’ve supported crisis response nonprofits for years, including Oxfam, IRC, and Team Rubicon Global. The Content Cloud provides secure collaboration from any device — a fundamental need when coordinating missions across countries and terrains. We’re eager to support you as you help people in the aftermath of natural disasters or relocate refugees to safer places.

Your application for funding might include:

  • Providing up to date topographic data to resources on the ground

  • Setting up mobile hotspots to enable communications

  • Creating digital application and workflow automations to apply for emergency funds

Applications will be evaluated on four criteria


Demonstrate clear alignment with a digital transformation focus in the child welfare or crisis response areas


Show potential for impact and the difference this project will make for your organization, and those you help


Include a plan for inclusion of key stakeholder voices, buy-in and support

scale layer

Share your plan for achieving scale, including possible challenges and how you will address them

Dates and deadlines

October 6th, 2021 - Box Impact Fund application process opens
November 5th, 2021 - Deadline for applications
December 7th 2021 - Grantees will be announced

How to apply

To submit your application we need:

written application
A written application

This includes a short form with your contact information and answers to four questions, not to exceed 150 words each.

A short video pitch

Your video should be under two minutes long and filmed horizontally in MP4 format.

One minute of the video should be about your pitch and one minute should be about your organization. It should show the people you support or the environment where you deliver your service.

Our passionate panel of judges includes:

Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith

Box Co-founder and CFO, Advisory Council member

Corrie Conrad
Corrie Conrad

VP Communities and Impact, Executive Director of

Robert Moore
Robert Moore

Associate Implementation Consultant and Co-founder of Box Consulting for Good

David Goodman
David Goodman Advisory Council member, CIO of Powerhouse Environmental Arts Foundation

Eleanor Meyers
Eleanor Meyers

Interim Chief Operating Officer, NetHope



Who should apply?
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