The Box Impact Fund

Transforming child welfare, crisis response, and the environment

Boost your impact with one of six $25K awards

At Box, we power how the world works together — and we’d like to help our friends in the nonprofit sector do the same. That’s why we’re excited about $150K in grants to help fuel critical missions and digitally transform the nonprofit workplace.

Advancing child welfare

Angels Foster Family Network, CASA of San Mateo County: These are just a few Box customers doing amazing things in the child welfare space. We want to amplify the impact of nonprofits working in child welfare systems around the world. Your application might include projects like foster care programming, legal services, or programs for orphaned children.

Supporting crisis response

When you’re coordinating critical services, secure collaboration across every device is a must. Our crisis response category covers nonprofits in emergency and disaster relief services, including refugee support (think Oxfam, IRC, and Team Rubicon Global). Applications for this category could tackle challenges like gathering topographic data or enabling mobile hotspots.

Protecting our planet

Digital transformation leads to planet-saving outcomes — just look to Box customers like The Nature Conservancy and charity: water. This category covers areas such as environmental protection, energy conservation, renewable energy, nature conservation, and biodiversity. Application examples include projects like improving environmental research or calculating your impact from going paperless.

Applications are evaluated on four criteria


Demonstrate clear alignment with a digital transformation focus in child welfare, crisis response, or the environment


Show potential for impact and the difference this project will make for your organization, and those you help


Include a plan for inclusion of key stakeholder voices, buy-in and support

scale layer

Share your plan for achieving scale, including possible challenges and how you will address them

Our passionate panel of judges includes:

Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith

Box Co-founder and CFO, Advisory Council member

Corrie Conrad
Corrie Conrad

VP Communities and Impact, Executive Director of

Robert Moore
Robert Moore

Implementation Consultant at Box, Co-founder of Box Consulting for Good

Lauren Woodman
Lauren Woodman

Chief Executive Officer, DataKind

Stephanie Siy
Stephanie Siy

Deputy Director, Field & Impact Programs, NetHope

Melody Brue
Melody Brue

VP & Principal Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy


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