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From supporting disaster relief to lifting up marginalized populations, you're fighting the good fight. We support you with a powerful Box community of impact makers and resources. Our mission is to enable nonprofits to innovate and fulfill their missions. It's how we envision doing more good together. After all, our shared goal is to create a better, more connected world. 

Teaming up for nonprofit success

We're fortunate to support thousands of the world's most important organizations to the tune of $5M so far in annual Total Good. The overwhelming majority of nonprofits works with (96% in a recent survey) share that Cloud Content Management and our programs have made a positive impact on mission fulfillment.

Tap into the value of Cloud Content Management

Along with the Cloud Content Management platform, leverages resources from the Box community to drive positive social outcomes. The more missions we power with Cloud Content Management, the more we invest back into capacity-building for nonprofits. Let Box be the foundation you use to launch a world of good. 

Grow your impact

Box donates and discounts Cloud Content Management for eligible nonprofits and provides services and community resources to help them succeed. Backed by Box, nonprofits can heighten how they manage and scale programs, grow their base of support, and simplify administrative workflows.

We simply work better together

Nonprofits make a more profound impact when they use a best-of-breed platform built for powerful workflows and collaboration across teams and partners. Here are just some of the world-changing organizations and nonprofit ecosystems that we work with.

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W.K. Kellogg Foundation
The International Rescue Committee
charity: water
Teach For America
Think of Us
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Special Olympics Northern California
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