Julian Jaeger

Founder, Jaeger Ventures and HelloBonjour

Julian Jaeger is an international advisor and business developer. He has expertise in helping Fortune 500 CEOs, public figures, leading executives, global organizations and investors foster professional networks, build communities and enhance industry verticals. As an experienced client relationship executive who has worked in business development, sales, organizational growth, global events and public-private partnerships, Julian has developed and implemented new business strategies, ensuring successful outcomes for all parties involved.


Julian is currently the Founder of HelloBonjour, a SaaS technology startup as well as Founder of Jaeger Ventures where he advises several international clients on their business development needs. Julian served as Managing Director at Palm Ventures, an investment firm based out of Greenwich, Connecticut. Prior to Palm, Julian was the Chief Business Officer and the Chair of the Advisory Board of zkipster, a technology software company. Julian spent three years at the Clinton Global Initiative where he managed high-impact strategic partnerships. At the World Economic Forum, Julian oversaw business development for North America for over nine years, developing several key global regions for specific industries. He spent seven years at the United Nations, working out of the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Office of Management, Budget and Control.


Julian serves on several boards including box.org, mibi.com, Team Rubicon Global, edata, and zkipster.com. He also advises several global clients including one of largest Swiss Private Banks on thought leadership, organizational growth and investments under his LLC, Jaeger Advisors. Julian works with Alva Pictures as an Executive Producer on several independent featured films. He holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business administration from the International University in Geneva, Switzerland and a degree in hospitality management from Newbury College in Boston, MA.